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Hi! My name is Alex and I am music composer & producer. I make music for Films, Documentaries, Corporate Video, Games, Web and Media projects.

15 awesome Ukulele soundtracks

Written by Depard. Posted in Special Collections

wallpaper-2012016 Ukulele Royalty Free Music This fine selection of upbeat, optimistic and fun tracks featuring Royalty Free Ukulele Music is perfect for all your whistling and foot stomping needs. Listen to all of these Royalty Free Ukulele tracks! Every track will perfectly fit corporate projects – presentations, videos, documentaries, games, youtube videos.

15 awesome Metal soundtracks

Written by Depard. Posted in Special Collections

wallpaper-2775780 This collection will feature, metal, rock, heavy metal, technical metal and progressive rock/metal compositions. Be sure to listen to all of them! Every track from this collection will make Your media project sound more powerful, extreme, energetic and will blow mind of Your listeners. Be ready to hear awesome sound of guitars, bass and drums!