What is Royalty-Free music?

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“Royalty Free Music” is a term that refers to production music that has no additional fees to pay once the music has been bought (licensed). It is purchased once and (depending on the license or company selling it) can be either used a single or multiple times. Since it has no additional license payments it is classed as ‘royalty free music’

Traditionally, production music had to be licensed each time it was used as part of a production or broadcast. For instance, TV programmers would have to pay a ‘Needle drop fee’ each time the music was used as part of a broadcast i.e. every time the needle was dropped on the record! The disadvantage is that it could be expensive and time consuming.

Royalty Free Music (RF music) is simply a way to make licensing music easier, cheaper and more convenient.

The Convenience of Royalty Free Music

The convenience of RF music means that it is an excellent solution for most production companies. The music is usually composed especially to work with TV, film, radio, computer games or multimedia. Its very composition targets certain moods, genres or themes. It is tailor-made for that exact purpose and fits the criteria of most production music needs.

What about using Commercial Music?

Sometimes production companies and other music users like to use commercial music on their projects but this can be very expensive and complicated. It takes a lot of time to find out the copyright holder and apply for the rights to use commercial music. Also, the administration job can be lengthy and hard work. On top of this the fee can be quite expensive!

To avoid disappointment and even having to remove music from a film or video project at a later date it is advisable to use royalty free music, since it is both easy to access and also always a cost effective solution. Royalty free music allows music users to use a piece of music that is just as well produced and composed as other types of commercial music but without the cost, time and effort involved.

What musical styles or moods does Royalty Free Music cover?

These days Royalty Free Music is produced to a very high quality and covers every genre of music and mood. The extensive use of Royalty Free Music means that all types of music are produced to fit the job. Royalty Free Music Music covers everything from pop, dance, jazz, blues, rock, folk and country to orchestral / cinematic pieces and more!

The Benefits of Royalty Free Music

• It is easily accessible.
• Simple to license and download.
• Cost effective and saves time.
• Piece of mind knowing you are using music legally.
• Composed in all musical styles.
• Finished and mastered and ready to use.
• Can be used again and again (depending on the license and company).

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